What to consider when you need a new website

What to consider when you need a new website

At Neon Web Design Poole we know how daunting it can be for clients that want a website but aren’t sure of the things they need to consider. To help we have made a list of common requirements.


What sort of website are you looking for? In most cases we recommend a content management system (CMS) supported website which will allow easy access to uploading and editing copy, even for inexperienced users.

However…we also provide bespoke builds for more complicated projects, or simple-coded websites for those on a lower budget.


How many pages are you looking for? Common pages or sections include…

  • Home (with social media feeds and links to latest news)
  • About
  • Services
  • Case Studies / Testimonials
  • Gallery
  • News (or Blog)
  • Contact

Plus any specific content you wish to include.


Whilst it is important to get the look and feel right in your website, many industry experts proclaim that “content is king“.

Well written, engaging copy makes the difference between connection with your users and not.

People scan read online, taking in small chunks of content at a time and quickly deciding whether a website has what they are looking for, or whether their time would be better spent elsewhere.

Make sure that your content can be consumed quickly and is pertinent to the message you want to convey.


Do you have an existing logo and corporate identity? If you don’t we can design one for you together with business cards, compliment slips and letterheads.

Colour Scheme

We expect many clients to already have some colours in mind from their branding. To look interesting and professional we recommend using 2 or 3 main colours and may also suggest using different tones in the design.

An example is local Bournemouth author Sara Pascoe’s website which uses red, green and beige.

Domain and Hosting

Ahead of launching, your new website will need a domain name to find it with and hosting, for the website files to be stored.  Upon discussing your requirements, we can recommend domain names and organise hosting so the website is ready to go live when you are.

Newsletters and Ongoing Marketing

Would you like a newsletter or email to send to your stakeholders? We can provide a mail shot to your subscribers to inform them of your latest news (such as the launch of your fantastic new website!) and promotions.

Social Media

Users will expect to be able to find your social media pages through your website. Have you considered which ones you want to include and if you’d like a feed displaying your latest updates?

Common examples include…

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • tumblr.

Mobile and Tablets

Will you need a website that works well on mobile devices?

We can build a responsive design that will change depending on the screen size of the device to improve its usability, which will make your users happy!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Once your website is live, it is important that it can be found easily in Google and other search engines.  Initially, we recommend you consider the following:

  1. Your domain name – does it contain the keywords you want to target
  2. The keywords – is anyone searching for these?  You can check with the Google Keyword Tool
  3. Content hierarchy – within the page, are the keywords placed in highly rated elements such as page titles, links and headings.
  4. Inbound links to your website – what are the quality of these links and how many do you have?

    cylex-uk.co.uk is a business directory, and a good example of how to increase inbound links.
  5. Google Local – does your company have a listing and do you have many reviews? This will improve your Google+ listing rank, which is ideal for local Poole and Bournemouth businesses.
  6. Social networks – are you active and do you have many followers?

For further details please check out our SEO blog post.

If you would like to discuss any of these further or enquire about a project. Please get in touch, we’d be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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