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Cracking the Code: Clearing Up Web Design Myths You Never Knew Were There

Imagine this: you’re lost in a big, dark wood. Every sound scares you, and you don’t know which way to go.

Making a website can feel just like that, full of wrong ideas that lead you the wrong way.

But don’t worry! Today, we’re here with the truth to clear up the mess and show you how to make a great website.

Myth #1: The Pretty Pony Myth – “If my website doesn’t look the best, no one will want it.”

Looks are important, yes. A good-looking site is like a neat horse, but if it’s hard to use, it’s like forgetting the saddle – you’ll fall fast.

Studies show that 57% of people won’t suggest a website that’s hard to use, even if it looks good.

Beauty goes away, but a site that’s easy to get around lasts forever.

Myth #2: The Too-Much Content Myth – “More stuff is better! Fill my site with all the words.”

Stuffing your site with too many words for SEO is old news. Google knows better now, finding sites that cram in words.

Instead, write good stuff that people want to read.

Backlinko says sites with longer pieces (2000+ words) do better, but only if the writing is good.

So, stop stuffing and start telling good stories that grab people (and Google).

Myth #3: The Mobile Trick Myth – “Mobile-friendly doesn’t matter. Desktops are king!”

Nope! In 2023, over 58% of online visits were from mobile devices.

Not making your site good for mobile is like letting your work wash away.

Google likes sites that work well on phones, so not doing this means lost customers.

Making your site change to fit any screen is key.

Myth #4: The Once-Done Myth – “Once my site’s up, I’m done.”

Wrong! Websites need ongoing care, not just a one-time thing.

They’re like gardens needing regular work to thrive.

Keep your content fresh, watch how people use your site, and stay up-to-date. A site left alone turns into a wasteland.

Examine User Behavior

Myth #5: The Web God Myth – “Only a pro can make a site that works.”

True, experts help, but knowing your visitors is where the real magic happens.

Learn about your audience, solve their problems, and make your site fit them perfectly.

Try different things, like different buttons or layouts, to see what works best.

It’s not just about looks, but connecting with people and getting them to act.

So, forget those myths!

With the right focus on your users, you can make a site that’s not just pretty, but also works great.

The web is full of possibilities. With smart tips, you can make a standout site!

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