Sourcing imagery for Poole and Bournemouth websites

Sourcing imagery for Poole and Bournemouth websites

When it comes to sourcing imagery for your website, it can be split broadly into 4 areas.  Quite often a new website will comprise of at least 3 of these different methods.

  1. Existing Assets

    If you had a previous website or existing marketing material, it may be that the graphical assets from these and the content can be used for the new website.

    It depends largely on the age and quality of this material, and it is important to get the balance between new and old right, however this can be a very cost effective way to source material personal to your business.

  2. Image Libraries

    Libraries such as iStock and the UK alternative Shutterstock are a fantastic resource for professional yet affordable photography, icons and graphics.

    There are also free image libraries such as Pixabay and Unsplash which is a brilliant resource for bloggers.

    You have to be careful not to use imagery which is too dry and generic though as this can lead to an unengaging website.

  3. Photographer / Graphic Designer

    There are some assets which are personal to your business and need to be created, for instance head shots for a Meet The Team page, a photos of your premises, products, or an integral infographic.

    Working with a local photographer or graphic designer ensures you get exactly what you are after.

    For the best results, make sure you check and like their portfolio and know how much it costs beforehand.

  4. Create Your Own

    Hey, you may be creative in your own right!

    If you have the time and you can honestly say your work is of a professional quality, there is no reason not to generate the assets yourself.

    Be very careful of licensing and copyright though – using photos with people and certain locations in – and referencing other graphics too closely.

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