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Spice up your images with this neat DuoTone Generator

Spice up your images with this neat duoTone generator

Neon Web Design Bournemouth & PooleLast updated: 11 February 2021

Sometimes you take a photo and although it is beautifully composed, the colour is a little off. Or perhaps you want a way to link a collection of seemingly unrelated photos together, or push back some eye-catching images to the background and make something else more prominent.

The CSS Duotone Generator is a great tool newly developed by Rick Metzger which can add a little something extra to your online photography.

CSS Duotone Generator

Once you have applied your chosen filters and colours, simply click on ‘Generate HTML+CSS’ to provide you with the code to apply to the images in your website.

Have fun and do feel free to contact us if you need any guidance.

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