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Schedule Tweets for your clients using Social Oomph

Schedule Tweets for your clients using Social Oomph

Neon Web Design Bournemouth & PooleLast updated: 21 January 2021

I have a few clients who want to use Twitter to communicate with their business contacts since it is a free form of communication, shows they are in touch with modern technology and can provide a regular source of information to interested followers. Unfortunately, the nature of small business means they do not necessarily have time available to tweet regularly.

This is where SocialOomph comes in. This tool allows you to schedule tweets for free, so you can communicate regularly with your followers but in a more time-efficient way.

Just add the content you want to broadcast over the coming weeks.  Then whilst you are focusing on the day-to-day of business life, you have the assurance your Twitter feed is active and passing out handy tips to its followers.

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