Silicon South: together we are stronger

Silicon South: together we are stronger

Yesterday I went to a very interesting talk at Bournemouth University about Silicon South as part of the fantastic Festival of Learning running this week.

Silicon South is an initiative established in 2013 to encourage the growth of digital businesses in Dorset.  The team have already developed a strong brand, staff and a manifesto for the group:

“to enhance the creative and digital economy of the area, building on our existing successes and strength to create a thriving international hub driving economic growth”

David Ford, Chief Executive of Poole-based digital agency Bright Blue Day, and founder of Silicon South told us how the team’s plans include:

  • Completing a European competitor analysis of similar schemes
  • Working with Silicon South ‘Ambassadors’ to spread the word
  • Encouraging more funding from LEPs
  • Promoting of Dorset as a location for film production and assess the viability of future film studio
  • Creating incubators for start-ups
  • Pitching to large businesses (e.g. Facebook, Google etc) to open offices in the area
  • Making Silicon South a lucrative area career-wise for London professionals to move to

It’s excellent to have such a proactive group in the area and having moved from London myself, I think a big benefit Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset has over London is the closeness of the community.  I really hope Silicon South can achieve some of its goals over the next year – together we are stronger!

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