Poole & Bournemouth Web Development Trends

Poole & Bournemouth Web Development Trends

Whether you are a web designer or a business owner, it is important that you keep up with the current state of web design. Those who are in the know about the newest web design trends will be able to take advantage of this knowledge to create great websites that attract customers. To that end, here are the latest Poole and Bournemouth web development trends for you to take advantage of.

  1. 3D Design

    Modern web browsers are now able to render a much more realistic 3D view than ever before. Savvy web designers are taking advantage of this capability by using tools like CSS3 3D transforms, HTML5 canvas and WebGL to create beautiful web pages that showcase extraordinary 3D graphics.

    Poole & Bournemouth Web Development Trends
    Bjork.com has a clever animated interface
  2. Rise in Client-Side Web Apps

    Poole & Bournemouth Web Development Trends

    One of the hottest trends in Poole and Bournemouth web development right now is the increase in the use of client-side apps. These client-side apps offer many advantages. They are much easier to program, which saves time and money during the design process. They also can be programmed by developers without the need to learn a whole new programming language.

  3. Expanded Use of HTML5 Video

    Video content is king in the modern age of web design, but that video is coded in the simplest of ways on most sites. Most video is placed using an iframe tag from popular video hosts like YouTube and Vimeo. This is an easy way to place video on your site, but it does not allow for much flexibility in design.

    Poole & Bournemouth Web Development Trends
    The Adidas ‘Make Your Move’ site shows how html5 video creates a more integrated experience.

    Smart developers will get onboard the growing trend of placing videos on their websites with HTML5 custom video tags. This allows for much more flexibility and control than iframe. These custom video tags in HTML5 allow designers to more smoothly integrate video on their web pages, creating a much more polished look.

  4. Mobile Apps that Behave Like Native Apps

    In these days of nearly ubiquitous smartphone and tablet usage, it is more important than ever before for Poole and Bournemouth web development experts to create mobile apps that offer just as much functionality as native apps. They need to look just as pretty as native apps as well.

    Frameworks such as Sencha Touch allows developers to build mobile apps that look native.

These are four of the hottest trends in Poole and Bournemouth web development. Savvy designers will use these trends to create beautiful webpages that wow their customers. The webpages that stay abreast of the most recent web design trends will get their customers the most traffic, which will increase their bottom line.

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